David Sichinava

David is Research Director of CRRC Georgia.

Datablog | What do Georgians think about Tbilisi Pride?

What do people think of the events of 5 July, and how have these views shifted since the 17 May 2013 riot?

Datablog | Georgia has a vaccine inequality problem

While COVID-19 vaccination is gaining pace in Georgia, data shows that access differs between different groups.

Datablog | Georgia among worst in the world for vaccine hesitancy

As Georgian authorities struggle to convince people to get vaccinated for COVID-19, data suggests that the problem could run along party lines.

Datablog | Georgians increasingly open to compromise with Abkhazia and South Ossetia

Polling suggests that despite territorial integrity ranking high on Georgians’ priorities, they are increasingly open to compromise.

Analysis | Lost in the census: Mingrelian and Svan languages face extinction in Georgia

Despite data suggesting thousands of native Mingrelian and Svan speakers, fears of nationalism are holding back efforts to save the languages.

Analysis | What kind of electoral system do Georgians actually want?

After the Georgian Government reached an agreement with the opposition, CRRC Georgia examines what kind of electoral system Georgians actually want.

Analysis | Who is afraid of the Lugar Centre?

CRRC-Georgia investigates who is more susceptible to Russian-pushed conspiracies surrounding  Georgia’s US-funded Lugar Centre.

Analysis | Georgia’s far right are anti-Russian but share Russian narratives

A CRRC-Georgia study found that far-right Facebook groups spread Russian narratives online while speaking more negatively about Russia than the West.

Analysis | Georgians support vehicle technical inspections despite the financial burden

CRRC Georgia looks at support for new mandatory technical vehicles inspections in Georgia and finds the population overwhelming in favour.

Analysis | Polarisation in Georgia’s media landscape

CRRC-Georgia examines the relationship between party affiliation and trust in different media outlets.

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