Luiza Mchedlishvili

Luiza is an editor with a degree in journalism from Tbilisi State University. Despite being the youngest member of the OC Media team, she has a wealth of experience, including an internship at Caucasian House where she took part in various peacebuilding projects. When she’s not reading about developments in Chechnya (a rare occurrence), she likes to spend time taking care of stray animals and treating herself to some fast food. In her everyday life, Luiza looks like a character from ‘Men in Black’.

North Caucasus rights organisations brace for crackdown as Russia bans ‘international LGBT movement’ 

Russia’s banning of ‘the international LGBT movement’ is set to further threaten queer people and rights defenders in the North Caucasus. 

Poison, pills, or poor angles: what’s behind the rumours surrounding Kadyrov’s health?

For months, rumours have suggested that Ramzan Kadyrov is gravely ill, facing the consequences of either a drug addiction or of poisoning. 

Terrorism suspect killed in shootout in Ingushetia

The suspect was wanted in connection to a series of shootouts with law enforcement forces in Ingushetia in March and April. 

Daghestani official ‘blows off hand’ with stun grenade

The deputy head of the Buynaksk administration was reportedly playing with the stun grenade at a friend’s home.

Armenian police ‘forced Ingush domestic abuse victim to meet family’

Fatima Zurabova’s uncle reportedly threatened to ‘deal with’ those who had helped her flee Ingushetia. 

Chechen man convicted in Politkovskaya assassination pardoned after fighting in Ukraine

One of those accused of murdering Anna Politkovskaya was released early due to his participation in the war in Ukraine.

Russia amends schoolbooks labelling victims of Stalinist deportations ‘Nazi collaborators’

The textbook stirred controversy among the nations that have been deported from the North Caucasus during World War II.

Security forces ‘detain dozens’ in raid on Chechen village

Chechen security services raided the village of Kadi-Yurt on Wednesday afternoon, with the reasons for the raid not made public. 

What was behind the North Caucasus’ antisemitic surge?

After a series of antisemitic events in the North Caucasus, the factors contributing to mass violence remain cause for debate.  

Tatarstan and Karachay-Cherkessia award Kadyrov’s son for ‘strengthening interfaith harmony’

Adam Kadyrov has been awarded three distinctions less than a month after he beat a man for burning the Qur’an.