Luiza Mchedlishvili

Luiza is an editor with a degree in journalism from Tbilisi State University. Despite being the youngest member of the OC Media team, she has a wealth of experience, including an internship at Caucasian House where she took part in various peacebuilding projects. When she’s not reading about developments in Chechnya (a rare occurrence), she likes to spend time taking care of stray animals and treating herself to some fast food. In her everyday life, Luiza looks like a character from ‘Men in Black’.

Confrontation between Chechen and Daghestani police provokes swift response from Kadyrov

A video of a confrontation between Chechen and Daghestani police has prompted a swift response from the head of Chechnya, and a public apology from its creator.

Is a new armed uprising on the horizon in Chechnya?

Opposition movements and grassroots activists have announced that they are preparing to revive the fight for Chechen independence

Chechen reportedly abducted in Grozny for being queer

A video released on 25 July suggests that Rizvan Dadayev was detained after having sought sex with men

Founder of Ingush news site Fortanga placed on Russian wanted list

Izabella Evloeva was placed on Russian wanted lists for her coverage of the invasion of Ukraine.

Germany detains Chechen refugee at Russia’s request

The 60-year-old man was granted asylum in Austria in 2004.

Kabardino-Balkaria activist stuck at Georgian border after being denied entry

Insa Oguz has been living at the Russian-Georgian border for almost two weeks after fleeing house arrest in Russia.

Ingushetia denies plans to transfer protected land to Chechnya

The Russian government had claimed that Ingushetia greenlit the land transfer earlier.

Fighting over a flag in the Pankisi Valley

The controversy concerns repeated incidents in which Georgian police painted over graffiti of an Ichkerian, and later a Ukrainian flag with a Georgian flag.

Chechen security forces reportedly kill government critic 

On 24 May, Chechen security forces shot dead Muslim Bisultanov, after which they kidnapped his wife and friend, 1ADAT reports.

Blogger charged after supporting renaming ‘Lenin street’ in Vladikavkaz

Batraz Misikov faces an administrative charge of ‘inciting hatred’ for comments which included criticism of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. 

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