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Kadyrov confidant Magomed Daudov steps down as speaker of Chechen Parliament

17 May 2024
Ramzan Kadyrov and Magomed Daudov. Image via social media.

The Chair of Parliament of the Russian Republic of Chechnya, Magomed Daudov, has announced he is stepping down suddenly and without explanation.

Nicknamed ‘Lord’, Daudov was seen as a close confidant of the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov.

‘After a meeting with the Head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov, I decided to resign as Chairman of the Parliament of the Chechen Republic,’ he announced during a parliamentary meeting.

Daudov devoted a post on Telegram announcing his decision almost entirely to thanking Kadyrov.

‘DEAR BROTHER! Thank you for the trust you have shown me all these years, for the opportunity to be part of the great AKHMAT-KHAJI Team, to make my humble contribution to the implementation of the creative course of our First President [Kadyrov’s father, Akhmat Kadyrov], to benefit my people, the republic and our great Motherland — Russia!’, he wrote.

Kadyrov thanked Daudov for ‘all the years together’.

‘But today Magomed Khozhakhmedovich decided that he no longer needs to remain in this position’, he wrote, adding that he should use his ‘leadership talent’ in other areas.


Kadyrov announced the appointment of  69-year-old Shaid Zhamaldaev as Daudov’s replacement.

‘Today our DEAR and RESPECTED Shaid Zhamaldaev, an ally of the First President of the Chechen Republic Akhmat-Hadzhi Kadyrov, was elected as the new Chairman of the Parliament of the Chechen Republic’, he wrote. ‘Know that Shaid Vakhaevich, as an experienced manager, will easily cope with his assigned responsibilities.’

Zhamaldaev had served as vice speaker of parliament since 2016, and before that, held posts as Minister of Press and assistant to the head of the republic.

‘Zhamaldaev is one of the most veteran politicians in the region’, said Harold Chambers, a political and security analyst focused on the North Caucasus.

‘It makes sense, as the long-time deputy speaker, that he steps in now’, Chambers told OC Media.

‘If he stays for a long time, Parliament will almost certainly enter the realm of normalcy, as has other governmental functions under Muslim Khuchiev. However, this is far from guaranteed, as it is likely Zhamaldaev will just be a placeholder for someone from the younger generation’, he said.

Chambers said Daudov's resignation may be part of broader changes in Russia.

‘I think Daudov’s resignation is most likely part of the broader change taking place, in which the country is being put on wartime footing, both with respect to Ukraine and Islamic State. A connection to Kadyrov’s health/successor is possible, but I think other moves will have to be made in order to see this connection’, he added.

Daudov is one of the closest associates of Ramzan Kadyrov and the ‘path of Akhmat Kadyrov’. 

Frequently described as Kadyrov’s right-hand man, Daudov took a leading role in the persecution of political bloggers and opposition figures. Tumso Abdurakhmanov, a blogger who has survived several assassination attempts, personally declared blood feud against him in 2019. 

Daudov was also involved in the training of fighters from Chechnya to be sent to Ukraine; since the beginning of the war, he led the region’s operational headquarters. 

He has been sanctioned by the US, UK, and Poland due to his participation in the war against Ukraine, as well as the persecution of queer people and other human rights violations.

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