Dismissed Rustavi nitrogen factory workers organise protest

30 January 2017

Former workers at a nitrogen factory in Rustavi, in southeast Georgia, who were recently fired by the company’s new management, staged a protest in front of the factory on 30 January.

Representatives of the nitrogen trade union spoke of labour code violations and vowed to take the case to court to appeal the decision to dismiss 330 people.

The personnel of the nitrogen factory were fired en masse on 26 January; workers who showed up to work that day discovered that their working passes had been blocked, and they were not asked to sign new work agreements.

The company’s press service explained that the factory’s owners had changed and the administration reserved the right to hire new staff.

On 27 January, the workers gathered in front of Rustavi Azot’s offices, where they were met by representatives of the company. Following the meeting, the workers declared that they had been promised their jobs back, but only once the factory was working at full operational capacity.

‘They promised that we can return to work when the factory works in its full capacity, although no-one knows when that could be. On Monday, we’re going to file an appeal at the court in order to protect our rights and we will hold rallies permanently until we can return to work’, one of the protesters told the media.

The factory’s former employees said they never received letters of dismissal.


The company’s administration has not yet commented on the protest.

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