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Four alleged militants killed in Daghestan

19 May 2017
Karamakhi (Akhmed Ashiltinsky/odnoselchane.ru)

Four people were killed in a counterterrorist operation in the village of Karamakhi in the Buynaksk District of Daghestan on 18 May. Local police released the names of the slain men, who they claim were militants.

A special operation to neutralise alleged members of an illegal armed group began on the evening of 18 May.

‘The private house in which the armed people were was surrounded. They responded to the offer to surrender with fire’, a Daghestani police source told OC Media.

On 19 May, the National Antiterrorism Committee reported that the slain men were members of the ‘Kadar group’. Kadar is the name of another village in the Buynaksk District of Daghestan.

‘Four members of the “Kadar group”, including their ringleader, were killed. The “Kadar group” was involved in the murder of the head of the village of Karamakhi. They are also responsible for extortion of money from entrepreneurs’, the source said.

There were no police or civilian casualties, according to the authorities. A ‘counterterrorist operation regime’ was introduced in the village of Karamakhi on 20 April.

During the operation, police checked the documents of local residents and searched houses. A curfew was also introduced, followed by restrictions on freedom of movement and interruptions to mobile communication.

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