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Rolling blackouts re-introduced in Abkhazia

9 November 2022
The Enguri Dam. Photo: Dominik K Cagara/OC Media.

Abkhazia has reintroduced rolling blackouts, as the region struggles to address an energy shortfall.

The power will be switched off for one-hour periods five times per day rotating through different regions of Abkhazia.

While the schedule was announced on 9 November by the state power distribution firm, Chernomorenergo, blackouts began to occur on 1 November after an emergency shutdown of the Achguara High-Voltage Line. 

The Achguara Line connects the Enguri (Ingur) hydropower plant, which lies between Abkhazian and Georgian government-controlled territory, to the Abkhazian grid.

According to Chernomorenergo, the Achguara Line had been under repair but had to be brought back online ahead of schedule after the flow of electricity from Russia was cut due to an electricity shortage there.

They said this led to malfunctions on the line when they brought it back online early.

In addition, water levels in Enguri reservoir are currently approaching a critical point, meaning that restoration of the Achguara Line would be unlikely to solve the problem. 


Every February since 2015, Abkhazian authorities have announced restrictions on energy consumption. In some years the restrictions have lasted a month while in others just a couple of weeks. During such times, the lights could be off for two to six hours a day.

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