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CRRC Georgia (the Caucasus Research Resources Centre) is a non-governmental, non-profit research organisation, which collects, analyses and publishes policy relevant data on social, economic and political trends in Georgia.

Datablog | Georgians are split on economic relations with Russia

Despite significant negative public sentiment towards Russia’s relations to Georgia, a CRRC survey found that there were mixed opinions on Georgia’s economic ties to Russia. 

Datablog | Can political parties in Georgia survive abandonment by their leaders?

A CRRC survey found that less than half of surveyed Georgian partisans would remain loyal to their party if its leader were to establish a new party.

Datablog | Few in Georgia know what the EUMM does

Only one in eight Georgians know what the EU Monitoring Mission (EUMM) in Georgia aims to achieve, with most reporting that they do not know what the mission’s function is. 

Datablog | Who expects that Georgia will receive candidate status?

Georgians who wanted EU candidate status were also more likely to believe it would be granted.

Datablog | Are individual Georgians politically polarised?

CRRC investigated whether growing political polarisation in Georgia could be seen at the individual level.

Datablog | How do Georgians feel about the influx of Russians?

CRRC data suggests that most Georgians are concerned about the migration of Russians to Georgia.

Analysis | Support for democracy increased in Georgia during COVID-19, but what does that mean? 

The COVID-19 outbreak generated speculation about whether support for democracy would decline during the crisis. 

Analysis | There is a gap between support for democracy and liberal values in Georgia

Polls suggest support for democracy is on the decline in Georgia, but does support for democracy correlate to support for liberal values? 

Analysis | Church scandals have hurt trust in the Georgian Orthodox Church

The Georgian Orthodox Church has been hit by numerous scandals in recent years, but have those scandals affected public trust?

Analysis | Georgia has a vaccine misinformation problem

According to a recent survey carried out by CRRC, less than half of Georgians show an interest in taking an anti-coronavirus vaccine if it becomes available.