CRRC Georgia (the Caucasus Research Resources Centre) is a non-governmental, non-profit research organisation, which collects, analyses and publishes policy relevant data on social, economic and political trends in Georgia.

Do Georgians understand what gender equality means?

Research by CRRC-Georgia suggests a majority of people do not know what ‘feminism’ is.

Analysis | Pessimism about Georgia’s direction hides room for optimism

The fact that Georgians are judging the country’s performance based on issues rather than political partisanship alone is a good sign.

Analysis | Men report doing more at home than they likely do in Armenia and Georgia

According to data from a UN Women survey, men and women in Armenia and Georgia have different perceptions of the amount of work they are doing.

Analysis | The election environment in minority areas of Georgia is getting worse

Post-election polling suggests that not only are elections most problematic in Georgia’s ethnic minority regions, they are also getting worse.

Analysis | Georgia’s far right are anti-Russian but share Russian narratives

A CRRC-Georgia study found that far-right Facebook groups spread Russian narratives online while speaking more negatively about Russia than the West.

Analysis | Parents think Georgia’s schools are fine. But are students actually learning?

Polling by CRRC Georgia suggests parents are happy with the quality of schooling in Georgia, but international testing scores and reliance on private tutors suggest otherwise.

Analysis | Georgians support vehicle technical inspections despite the financial burden

CRRC Georgia looks at support for new mandatory technical vehicles inspections in Georgia and finds the population overwhelming in favour.

Analysis | Institutions need to replace personality in Georgian politics

CRRC-Georgia examines the trust in political institutions in Georgia, and what that might mean for Georgian democracy.

Analysis | How negative campaigns and party voter contact work in Georgia

CRRC-Georgia examines how effective negative campaign tactics and contact with voters is for political parties in Georgia.

Analysis | Georgia’s imagined tolerance

A new survey from CRRC-Georgia suggests there is a gap between the perception and reality of intolerance in Georgia.

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