Dato Parulava

Dato has worked as a journalist for over six years. Before joining the OC Media team he wrote for Liberali Magazine. He’s interested in human rights, with a focus on minority rights and Georgia’s EU integration process. He’s also into illustrations and motion graphics and is always looking for ways to apply his multimedia skills to video journalism.

Video | No Place to Live — IDPs in Georgia

After almost three decades since the war in Abkhazia, thousands of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) are still waiting for the government to provide them with homes. Why are they are still waiting?

Georgia’s medical programme for Abkhazians and South Ossetians may be at risk

A cut to diagnostics, a lack of clear information, and opposition from Tskhinvali are putting the success of Georgia’s medical programme at risk.

Video | Priests rule the streets as Georgia marks Day Against Homophobia in lockdown

The usual stand-off between supporters of queer rights and homophobic counter-protesters did not take place this 17 May in Tbilisi, as Georgia marked IDAHOTB under a state of emergency.

Rejected joint EU–Georgia statement reveals raft of criticisms from MEPs

The EU-Georgia Parliamentary Association Committee failed to adopt a joint statement after Georgian Dream rejected critical amendments from MEPs.

VIdeo | Ivanishvili's Georgia 2019

What happened in Georgia in 2019? We review the importent developments from this year

Video | Georgia's failed electoral reform - Explained

Thousands have taken to the streets in Georgia to protest failed electoral reforms.

Georgian Muslim villages fight back against Orthodox Church land-grab

Local residents claim the lands are vital for them to sustain their families, but local church officials don’t share their concerns.

Interview | Tanja Börzel and Thomas Risse: How does Georgia get EU membership?

Dr. Tanja Börzel and Dr. Thomas Risse of the Otto-Suhr-Institute for Political Science share their insights on how Georgia could join the EU.

Video | Why do workers die in Georgia?

On 16 July, 16-year-old Giorgi Beshkenadze plunged to his death at a construction site in Tbilisi.

Video | Russian Citizens Protest in Tbilisi

A group of Russian citizens gathered in Tbilisi outside Parliament to support Georgia.

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