Azerbaijan announces payouts for families of war dead

7 December 2020

The Azerbaijani government has announced compensation payments of ₼11,000 ($6,500) for the families of soldiers and civilians killed in the Second Nagorno-Karabakh War.

Monthly benefits averaging ₼400 ($235) will also be given to family members of those killed, depending on their length of service, as well as their pensions, which range from ₼210–₼300 ($123–$176) per month.

The ministry announced on Saturday that 94 of the civilians killed in the war would be granted ‘martyr’ status, making their families eligible for the same benefits as those of fallen soldiers. Officially, 98 Azerbaijani civilians died.

According to the Defence Ministry, 2,783 members of the armed forces were killed in the war, over 100 of whom are still being identified. Over 100 also remain missing. There are currently 1,245 being treated in medical institutions.

Fazil Talibli, the chief spokesperson of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection wrote on Facebook that those who had gained a disability due to their injuries would also receive compensation of between ₼8,800 ($5,170) and ₼4,400 ($2,580) depending on the severity of their disability.

In addition to the cash payments, the spouses and children of those killed or who gained a disability during the war will receive several other benefits.

According to Talibli, they will be exempted from paying university tuition fees and will be granted tax benefits. A mandatory quota will be set for businesses in the public and private sectors to ensure they have access to employment.


Those deemed socially vulnerable will also be granted flats and houses, as well as automobiles. According to the authorities, around 9,000 flats and houses, and around 7,000 automobiles have already been provided to this category of people.

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