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Tsisana Khundadze

Tsisana is a senior researcher at CRRC Georgia.

Datablog | Georgians remain hesitant about vaccinating kids

Many of those who are willing to be vaccinated themselves, would not vaccinate their children.

Datablog | Who should solve Georgia’s political crises?

Georgian politics often appears to be in a near-constant crisis — marked by protests, boycotts, and acrimony. 

Datablog | The Gakharia effect

How did the resignation of Giorgi Gakharia as prime minister affect Georgians’ political views?

Datablog | Do people think voter secrecy is respected in Georgia

Election observers often note violations of the secrecy of the ballot in Georgia, and the 2021 local elections were no exception. 

Datablog | Leaders or promises: What the Georgian public cares about when voting

Do Georgians vote based on who leads a political party or the policies they advocate?

Datablog | Mental health and the pandemic

Women were one of the groups whose mental health was most affected by the pandemic.

Datablog | Why do Georgians not want to vaccinate?

With two kinds of vaccines against COVID-19 already available in Georgia, the public’s attitude towards vaccination is becoming more and more important. 

Datablog | UNM supporters are especially pessimistic about their economic future

With the pandemic still raging, Georgians are unsurprisingly pessimistic about their economic future. 

Datablog | Do people have enough information about COVID-19 in Georgia?

The government has taken several measures to raise awareness about COVID-19; but are the public actually well informed?

Datablog | Half of Georgians believe COVID-19 is man-made 

As conspiracy theories followed the spread of the coronavirus globally, we look at which of these took root in Georgia.