Adygea parliament pushes for ban on alcoholic energy drinks

27 July 2017

The Parliament of Adygea has passed a resolution asking for permission to completely ban low-alcohol energy drinks in the republic. The 26 July proposal has been forwarded to the federal authorities.

The bill aims to tackle what MPs claim is a problem with the mass consumption of such drinks in the republic. They have urged the federal authorities to give regions the right to regulate their sale.

According to Sm-news.ru, MPs cited growing levels of consumption of such beverages as justification for the ban.

In February, Moscow City Council submitted a draft law to Russia's parliament which would allow regions to prohibit the sale of certain types of alcoholic beverages. Authorities in Chechnya are actively supporting this. Since 2009, Chechnya has limited the sale of all alcoholic beverages to only two hours per day.