Givi Silagadze

Givi is a Researcher at CRRC Georgia.

Datablog | Georgian politics leave many feeling alienated

Data suggests that 51% of the public believes they don’t have a say in what the government does.

Datablog | Most Georgians believe that Georgia is not a democracy

The share of Georgians who believe that their country is a democracy is at its lowest in a decade.

Datablog | Who is pro-Russian in Georgia

While a majority of Georgia’s public holds pro-Western views, a sizeable minority hold pro-Russian attitudes. 

Datablog | How does Georgia’s democracy compare with countries granted EU candidacy?

The Georgian Government officially applied for EU membership on 3 March 2022, after previously not planning to do so until 2024.

Datablog | Georgia’s partisan division in support for Ukraine

Supporters of Georgian Dream are less supportive of Georgia joining sanctions or the government being more vocal in supporting the government of Ukraine. 

Datablog | Georgians split on whether country is democratic 

Only 39% of voters say that Georgia is a democracy.

Datablog | How many votes were bought in Georgia’s local elections?

According to new research, 20% of Tbilisi’s population appears to be willing to sell their vote. 

Datablog | The Gakharia effect

How did the resignation of Giorgi Gakharia as prime minister affect Georgians’ political views?

Datablog | What issues are important for Tbilisi residents?

Georgia’s local elections were short on substantive discussions of issues, but what do Tbilisians want from their local government?

Datablog | How widespread is vote-buying perceived to be in Georgia?

Survey data from earlier in the summer suggests that 16% of people know someone who has been offered a bribe for their vote.