Koba Turmanidze

Koba is the President of CRRC Georgia.

Datablog | Is People’s Power designed to make Georgian Dream look good?

A CRRC Georgia study found that positioning Georgian Dream as more moderate than its spin-off group, People’s Power, increased support for the ruling party. 

Datablog | How financially literate are people in Georgia?

CRRC Georgia data suggests that about half the Georgian public has a basic understanding of interest and inflation rates.

Datablog | Who lies about how they voted?

When the wording of questions in post-election polling is modified, the responses from survey respondents change along partisan lines. 

Datablog | Are Georgia's risk-loving men to blame for the spread of COVID-19?

Research conducted by CRRC shows that young Georgian men are more prone to risky behaviour, including social behaviour which increases the chances of COVID-19 transmission. 

Datablog | Is Georgia really polarised?

People frequently cite political polarisation as a major problem for Georgian democracy, but is this really the case?

Analysis | Study suggests large numbers in Georgia to celebrate Easter in church

Research by CRRC Georgia suggests that a large number of Georgia’s Orthodox Christians intend to celebrate at Church.

Analysis | Pessimism about Georgia’s direction hides room for optimism

The fact that Georgians are judging the country’s performance based on issues rather than political partisanship alone is a good sign.

Analysis | How negative campaigns and party voter contact work in Georgia

CRRC-Georgia examines how effective negative campaign tactics and contact with voters is for political parties in Georgia.

Analysis | What predicts foreign policy preferences in Georgia?

CRRC-Georgia examines the factors predicting whether a person supports a pro-Western, neutral, or pro-Russian foreign policy in Georgia.

Analysis | Women are significantly less likely to go out to eat in Georgia

CRRC-Georgia examines what most affects people’s likelihood of eating in restaurants.

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