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Daghestani man convicted of aiding militants

15 February 2017


Daghestani man Kheyrullakh Shakhbanov, from Khunzakh District, was sentenced to 10 months in a penal colony for aiding members of an illegal armed formation.

A source in Daghestan’s Prosecutor’s Office told OC Media that the decision was made by the Khunzakh District Court.

‘According to investigators, Shakhbanov provided aid to two members of an illegal armed formation in 2014. In particular, he provided them with food products. The court agreed with the prosecutor’s case and declared Shakhbanov guilty’, the source said.

Towards the end of the last week, another Daghestani resident was in court accused of being complicit with militants.

‘According to investigators, Adukov joined a group of local militants in 2013, helped them by providing them with food products, and provided them accommodation’, Daghestan’s Prosecutor’s Office told OC Media. If found guilty, Adukov faces 8–15 years in prison.

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