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Coronavirus live updates | Georgia quarantines Lentekhi district

11 April 2020
Checkpoint in Lentekhi. Photo: MIA.

The latest stories:

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11 Apr 2020, 20:06

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11 Apr 2020, 19:38

Russian billionaire donates $20 million worth of medical supplies to Daghestan

Suleyman Kerimov, a Russian billionaire and senator from Daghestan, has reportedly purchased medicine and medical equipment for Daghestan worth of ₽1.5 billion ($20 million). 

According to the city hall of the southern Daghestani city of Derbent, Kerimov’s hometown, the donation includes ventilators, thermal imagers, and protective equipment for doctors.

11 Apr 2020, 19:25

Mufti of Ingushetia reportedly dies of COVID-19

Mufti of Ingushetia, Abdurakhman Martazanov. Photo via Obzor.io.

Mufti of Ingushetia, Abdurakhman Martazanov, who was hospitalised yesterday night in Nazran, has succumbed to COVID-19 Ria Novosti and Interfax reported, citing Ingushetia’s Health Ministry. 

Tests for COVID-19 are double-checked and confirmed in Moscow, which is yet to happen. However, if it is confirmed then this would be the second COVID-19 fatality in Ingushetia. 

11 Apr 2020, 17:53

Georgian libertarians: quarantine is unconstitutional

The Georgian libertarian party Girchi said that they plan to appeal to the Constitutional Court to challenge restrictions enacted during the nationwide state of emergency,  including the 21:00-06:00 curfew throughout the country, and the full curfew in the Marneuli and Bolnisi Districts. 

Girchi also wants the ban on gatherings of 3+ people in public scrapped, as well as the prohibition for passengers sitting in the front seat of a car.  

The party called the restrictions imposed by the government a ‘pre-election show’. 

11 Apr 2020, 17:22

Six more opposition activists arrested in Azerbaijan

Tofig Yagublu in front of the Nizami District Court. Photo: Nigar Hazi/Facebook.

Six more opposition activists have been sentenced to administrative detention in Azerbaijan in the latest of a series of arrests of members of the opposition.

All six were charged with violating the country’s quarantine regime.

On Thursday, Amnesty International condemned the harassment of pro-democracy campaigner Ilkin Rustamzade and his family. 

‘Recently, the Azerbaijani authorities have used the COVID-19 pandemic to increasingly crack-down on their critics’, their statement reads.

Read the full story: Six more opposition activists arrested in Azerbaijan.

11 Apr 2020, 15:46

Adygea to relax anti-Coronavirus measures to aid economy

On Friday, Adygea head, Murat Kumpilov, announced he would allow 17 types of economic activity to ‘gradually’ begin operating again. The list includes construction work and production of construction materials, industrial production, car repair shops, and the timber trade. 

According to Russian media, they are also considering ‘partially’ re-allowing inter-city buses and open-air agricultural markets.

Adygea's government has said that these activities will only be permitted if new sanitary requirements to prevent the spread of COVID-19 virus infection at workplaces have been implemented.

11 Apr 2020, 15:30

Armenia to extend state of emergency

Nikol Pashinyan at Commission for Coordination of Anti-Pandemic Action meeting. Official photo.

Armenia’s Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has announced that the country’s government will vote on extending the state of emergency, which was put in place in the country on 16 March and is set to expire on 13 April.

According to Pashinyan, during the extended state of emergency, a number of economic activities will be permitted again, including: agriculture, mining, warehousing and transport ancillary activities, open-air construction, and tobacco production.

Textile production will be permitted starting on 20 April.

11 Apr 2020, 14:59

Azerbaijani citizens barred from returning until 20 April

Today, the Azerbaijani government urged its citizens to abstain from trying to cross Russian-Azerbaijani border to return home, reminding them that it would not be possible for the next eight days. 

The nationwide 'strict quarantine regime', which came into force in Azerbaijan on 24 March, will last until 20 April.

Meanwhile, Russian authorities have reiterated that people stuck near the Yarar-Kazmalyar crossing point — the Daghestani section of Russian-Azerbaijani border in Magaramkentsky District — are being provided shelter and food, and that sanitary conditions are being maintained.

11 Apr 2020, 12:36

First COVID-19 death in Ingushetia

Officials in Ingushetia have reported the republic’s first COVID-19 fatality. The elderly patient was in intensive care in the Nazran district hospital.

11 Apr 2020, 12:20

Abkhazian public defender slams media ‘hysteria’

Abkhazia's human rights commissioner, Asida Shakryl. Photo via apsnypress.info.

On Friday, Abkhazia's human rights commissioner, Asida Shakryl, called on authorities, media, and all Abkhazians on social media, to respect privacy and personal data of those infected with COVID-19.

Local TV stations had earlier disclosed the personal information of a person infected with the virus on 30 March, including showing images of her passport. Meanwhile, users on social media have been sharing footage of a hospital ward where a second person infected with COVID-19 is being treated. 

Abkhazia has been in a state of emergency with a curfew in place, since 28 March. The strictest measures are in place in the Gagra District where Abkhazia’s second case was identified. 

On 10 April, the Abkhazian government introduced fines for going out of the home except to purchase food or medicine, or to go to one’s ‘essential’ place of employment.

11 Apr 2020, 09:30


Welcome to OC Media’s coronavirus live updates for Saturday, 11 April. We will be bringing you the latest news on the COVID-19 pandemic from around the Caucasus.

The biggest developments from yesterday:

A doctor in Georgia has been accused of sexually harassing a woman in quarantine during a medical examination. According to women’s rights group Sapari, the male doctor touched her inappropriately and suggested that the alleged victim fully undress so he could check her lungs.

Armenia’s Ministry of Health announced last night that the number of coronavirus cases in the country is now doubling every ten days compared to the previous rate of doubling every seven days. 

According to the Ministry, if this trend continues, on 19 April, there will be 1,800 confirmed cases and the number may reach 3,600 by 29 April. 

Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Finance has allocated ₼1.7 million ($1 million) for preserving the jobs and paying the salaries of employees who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Ministry also transferred ₼637,000 ($374000) to the bank accounts of 533 private micro-entrepreneurs engaged in areas that suffered losses due to the pandemic.  

Low-income families and low-income individuals living alone in Krasnodar Krai will receive a lump-sum payment of ₽5,000 ($68) from the regional government to help them with economic difficulties during the COVID-19 pandemic. Large low-income families will receive ₽10,000 ($136).

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